Freeze Dried Teriyaki Tofu

Freeze Dried Teriyaki Tofu

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Have you ever had freeze dried food before? Once you've tried freeze dried snacks, it will change your world!

Teriyaki Tofu like you've never had before - the freeze drying process makes the tofu light and airy - bringing out the flavor combination like you wouldn't believe. Freeze dried food has an amazing shelf life, and travels well for camping or road trips as well.

These would be great as:
Birthday Gifts
Stocking Stuffers
General Snacks
Party Snacks
Party Favors
Mothers Day Gift

1.5oz / Bag

Freeze dried food became a major component of astronaut and military rations. Originally freeze-dried foods were rehydrated with water. One very popular example is freeze-dried ice cream - a delicious treat without rehydration. Based on the history of the process, these freeze dried candies could also be called Space Candy.