The Mahina Mea Team on Vacation


We are the Mahina Mea Ohana.

We (Anuhea & Brian) have been in the Food & Beverage industry since the early 2000s and love to create food and drinks that bring joy to those around us.

I wanted to work on some creative new cocktails, and my research led me to freeze-drying. I thought Brian could use the process to put a spin on some of his special dishes. His answer was a quick no. But, as usual, I didn’t listen - there was a feeling in my gut that just wouldn’t allow me to let it go. When our 2020 summer trip was canceled because of COVID, I decided to use some of my trip money to get Onyx, our first Freeze Dryer. Yes, I name the machines. Why? Because I’m quirky like that. Brian was still reluctant but after trying a few things that we put through the freeze-drying process he found that he enjoyed it and started taking samples to work with him to share with the guys.

Pretty soon, our family and friends couldn’t get enough of the goodies we were experimenting with. We started selling our goodies as a way to recoup costs and buy more things to experiment with. Before we knew it we had a business on our hands. 

It is a true family affair. Our son (Kamaka) will help with picking produce at local farmer's markets, packing boxes for shipping, and general office tasks. Our daughter (Ilyana) will help with labeling bags and would gladly “taste test” every item that comes out of the machines if we would let her. Brian will help with prep and packaging while I come up with the next product ideas.

Mahalo for visiting our website. We hope to be sending Mahina Mea goods to you soon. Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook to stay updated about all the new and fun things we have to offer. Don't forget to tag us in your pictures - we love seeing people enjoying our goods!